NutraCharge Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Promoting NutraCharge

Want to get involved in the fitness and nutrition industry? NutraCharge pays registered affiliates 20% back on any sales that they earn. Not only is this a very generous payback rate, but it's on a great supplement that your family, friends, and prospective clients will love. 

How It Works

Once you become a registered affiliate you can advertise custom links or discount codes on your social media or to your family and friends. For links: once someone clicks your custom link they will be taken to the NutraCharge website. If they purchase within 7 days, you will be earn commission on that sale which will show up in your affiliate dashboard. For discount codes: when you sign up for an affiliate account, you can put in a request for a custom discount code. This code can be up to 10% off sale price. Once a customer uses this code and checks out, you will receive commission in your affiliate panel. You cannot earn commission on your own purchases. 

Once you earn $50 in commission you can put in a payment request using your affiliate panel. We pay most commissions via paypal. Large commissions may be paid by check or wire transfer.

How To Sign Up

Click this link and enter all of your details into Affiliately. We approve affiliates on a case by case basis and you will receive a confirmation email upon approval. For any questions please email